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2023 China Battery Industry Expo

November 03,2023 Changsha, China


Xiangjiang International Forum on New Energy and Energy Storage Engineering & 2023 China Battery Industry Expo

The clean and low-carbon transformation of energy is of great strategic significance in addressing environmental pollution and the global climate change crisis. Currently, there is a profound shift happening in the production, transportation, storage, and consumption of energy. The development of modern energy systems such as new energy, energy storage, and new energy vehicles has become an international consensus. It is an internationally cutting-edge field and an industrial highland that is crucial for national energy security, green and low-carbon development, and the growth of strategic emerging industries.

Central South University is the first in the country to establish undergraduate majors in "New Energy Materials and Devices" and "New Energy Science and Engineering." It is also the first to establish a first-level interdisciplinary doctoral program in "New Energy and Energy Storage Engineering" and has been approved to establish the "National Key Laboratory of Energy Metallurgy Resources and New Materials."

To promote the high-quality coordinated development of disciplines, talents, science and technology, and industry in the field of new energy and energy storage engineering, the "1st Xiangjiang International Forum on New Energy and Energy Storage Engineering along with the 2023 China (Changsha) Battery Industry Expo" will be jointly organized by Central South University, the New Energy Material Development Committee of China Nonferrous Metals Society, the Electric Power Technology Committee of China Energy Research Society, the New Energy and Carbon Neutrality Professional Committee of China High-Tech Industrialization Research Association, and the Hunan Battery Industry Association. The forum will be held in Changsha, Hunan from November 3rd to 5th, 2023.

The theme of the conference is "Disciplinary Talent Support, Integration of Industry and Research, Energy Low-Carbon Transformation." It will feature nine professional forums and a battery industry exhibition area. The conference aims to facilitate exchanges on key issues, cutting-edge technology, industrial development, and disciplinary construction in the field of new energy and energy storage engineering. The organizing committee sincerely invites colleagues from the academic, educational, and industrial sectors in the field of new energy and energy storage engineering to gather in Changsha. The conference aims to showcase fundamental, strategic, and forward-looking new ideas, achievements, technologies, products, and equipment, promote disciplinary development, talent cultivation, technological advancement, and industrial growth in the field of new energy and energy storage engineering, and serve the national "dual-carbon" strategy and innovation-driven strategy.


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