Ultimate control within your fingertips:
personalized temperature regulation

Steady-state data acquisition.
Embracing the energy of precision.

±0.05% F.S.
Voltage & Current Accuracy
±0.05% F.S.
Sampling Time
Number of Channels
32℉ ~ 140℉±3.6℉ <br>(15℃ ~ 60℃±2.0℃)
Temperature Range & Deviation
32℉ ~ 140℉±3.6℉
(15℃ ~ 60℃±2.0℃)
 77℉ ~ 140℉≤50min<br> (25℃ ~ 60℃)
Heating Efficiency
77℉ ~ 140℉≤50min
(25℃ ~ 60℃)
 77℉ ~ 59℉≤60min<br>(25℃~15 ℃)
Cooling Efficiency
77℉ ~ 59℉≤60min
(25℃~15 ℃)

The MHW-25-S-16CH is equipped with advanced processors and powerful computing capabilities, enabling efficient processing of large-scale data and complex computing tasks. It delivers exceptional performance, catering to various high-performance computing needs, including scientific research, data analysis, artificial intelligence, and deep learning applications.

All-around product tour.

Unleash the potential of testing with 4 individual operating spaces.

Assembled from four MHW-25-S-16CH integrated machines, with each enclosure undergoing independent testing and supporting the setting of different programs for operation.

[w]Unleash the potential of testing with 4 individual operating spaces.MHW-25-S-16CH

Mastering multiplicity: Simplifying the intricate.

Combining the functionalities of compatible charge-discharge detection equipment and environmental test chambers into one cleverly designed solution, our product maximizes space utilization and enhances equipment efficiency.

[b]Mastering multiplicity: simplifying the intricate.MHW-25-S-16CH

Powerful heat dissipation for optimal stability.

According to the set temperature value, the control system automatically calculates and controls the output of the semiconductor refrigeration (heating) module using the newly developed fuzzy PID algorithm by New Wei, in order to achieve dynamic balance. 

[w]Powerful heat dissipation for optimal stability.MHW-25-S-16CH
The axial flow fan circulates the air evenly, with a large air outlet, ensuring uniform and fast heat dissipation.
[w]Powerful heat dissipation for optimal stability.MHW-25-S-16CH

Neatly organized: 64 Testing Channels.

Introducing our high-quality insulated battery core tray, meticulously designed to meet the demands of battery testing and production processes. With its exceptional capacity, it can securely hold up to 64 coin cells, providing a reliable and efficient solution for organizing and managing batteries.

[b]Neatly organized: 64 Testing Channels MHW-25-S-16CH

Compact in size, big on functionality.

A compact size is more suitable for small-scale development and experimentation, with a practical volume of 25 x 4 liters and occupying less than half a square meter of space. It frees up more desktop space and allows for easy observation of the experimental conditions inside the enclosure.

[w]Compact in size, big on functionality.MHW-25-S-16CH

Intuitive interface, effortless operation.

MHW-25-S-16CH prioritizes user experience and incorporates a touch LCD screen design with a user-friendly graphical interface and flexible configuration options. It features automatic screen wake-up through infrared human body sensing within a 1.5-meter range, allowing users to easily set up and manage the device.

[b]Intuitive interface, effortless operation.MHW-25-S-16CH

Refined temperature control for long-lasting insulation.

40mm thick polyurethane foam for enhanced internal temperature protection, ensuring more accurate and reliable data.

[w]Refined temperature control for long-lasting insulation.MHW-25-S-16CH

Perpetual dedication to safety protection.

● Power-Down Data Protection 

● Short Circuit protection 

● Abnormal Monitoring of Circulating Fan Operation

[w]Perpetual dedication to safety protection.MHW-25-S-16CH

Extensive peripheral devices.
Create a multi-dimensional testing environment.

Integrated peripheral devices such as Auxiliary Voltage, Auxiliary Temperature for comprehensive testing and evaluation, providing multi-dimensional and quantifiable support for battery mass production testing.

[w]Extensive peripheral devices. Create a multi-dimensional testing environment.MHW-25-S-16CH

Powerful programmability.
Meet diverse testing needs.

The software is fully functional, covering a variety of work-step settings, recording, and data storage to meet a wide range of testing needs.

DBC Configuration
 CC & CV charge/discharge test
500ms pulse width
Segmented recording
DBC Configuration
CC & CV charge/discharge test
500ms pulse width
Segmented recording
Support import/edit/export of DBC files. Different battery pack protocols can be communicated by simply modifying the code of the DBC protocol file without upgrading the program.
CC charging or discharging until the voltage reaches the specified value, and then seamlessly switching to CV mode for battery compensation which is smooth without any spikes.
Testing the performance of the battery under fast changes in current/power.
Allow to set up to 3 segment recording conditions per step, including voltage, current and time.

Technical Specifications

Equipment name MHW-25-S-16CH*4
ACInput AC220V±10%50Hz(compatibleAC110V±10%60Hz)
Power 0.2KW
InputCurrent 1A(220VAC)/2A(110VAC)
Nominal Specification 25L × 4; 16CH × 4
Internal Size 14.2" × 11.8" × 16.1" (360mm × 300mm × 235mm)
External Size 23.6" × 23.6" × 73.9" (600mm × 600mm × 1878mm)
Operating environment OperatingTemperatureis +25℃
Temperature range 15~60℃
Temperature fluctuation ≤1℃(noload、temperaturestability)
Temperaturedeviation ±2.0℃(noload、temperaturestability)
Rise time 25℃→60℃≤40min(Noload)
Cooling time 25℃→15℃≤60min(Noload)

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We offer powerful battery test equipments, auxiliary equipments
and accessories to provide comprehensive testing support for battery testing.

We offer powerful battery test equipments, auxiliary equipments and accessories to provide comprehensive testing support for battery testing.

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