Voltage and temperature monitoring.
Auxiliary battery testing.

Accurate battery monitoring with state-of-the-art insights.

Test Specification
±0.05% F.S.
Voltage Accuracy
±0.05% F.S.
-328℉~500℉±33.8℉ <br>(-200℃~260℃±1℃)
Temperature Range & Deviation
32.2℉ (0.1℃)
Temperature Resolution
32.2℉ (0.1℃)
Recording Frequency

CA-4008n-1U-5VT-TC AUX auxiliary channel is a battery testing system used to measure voltage and temperature. It provides real-time monitoring and precise testing, catering to scientific research and data analysis needs, enabling comprehensive understanding of battery status.

Temperature testing beyond limits.

Three temperature sensors, T-type thermocouple, K-type thermocouple, and thermal resistance, are available for precise temperature testing to meet various temperature challenges. 

● Thermistor: -22℉~248℉(-30℃~120℃)

● Thermocouple: -328℉~500℉(-200℃~260℃)

[w] Temperature testing beyond limits.CA-4008n-1U-5VT-TC

Tackling all scenarios with comprehensive testing.

Voltage testing can be performed on different batteries using different fixtures according to specific requirements, achieving a voltage testing range from 0V to 5V.
[w]Tackling all scenarios with comprehensive testing.CA-4008n-1U-5VT-TC

BTS system empowering monitoring and testing.

The auxiliary channel can be bound to any primary channel in the host computer, mapping it in the computer. The tested voltage and temperature data are linked with the main channel, and can be exported in Excel or TXT format for convenient data processing.
[b]BTS system empowering monitoring and testing.CA-4008n-1U-5VT-TC

Harnessing the power of multiple devices.

Each auxiliary channel can connect up to 8 temperature testing wires and 8 voltage testing wires. Each battery testing channel can be connected to 1~31 auxiliary channels, allowing for the serial connection of multiple auxiliary channels to achieve 1~248 temperature or voltage testing points.

[w]Harnessing the power of multiple devices.CA-4008n-1U-5VT-TC

Optimal selection, superior quality.

The entire body is made of stainless steel material with an additional waterproof and rust-resistant coating, achieving a protection level of IP20. It effectively prevents dust and foreign objects from entering, safeguarding the equipment's security.
[w]Optimal selection, superior quality.CA-4008n-1U-5VT-TC

Securing safety via parameter limitations.

You can set temperature upper/lower limits, voltage upper/lower limits, and individual cell voltage difference to protect battery testing safety. This ensures a safe testing process, avoiding any potential safety issues and providing comprehensive safety protection.

[w]Securing safety via parameter limitations.CA-4008n-1U-5VT-TC

Technical Specifications

Equipment name CA-4008n-1U-5VT-TC
Test specification 0V~5V
Accuracy ± 0.05% of F.S.
Test specification Thermistor: -30℃ ~120℃
Thermocouple: -200℃ ~260℃
Accuracy ± 1℃ (within 2m of line length)
Temperature resolution 0.1℃
Frequency of sampling
Time 10Hz(100ms)

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We offer powerful battery test equipments,
enviromental test chambers to provide comprehensive testing support for battery testing.

We offer powerful battery test equipments, enviromental test chambers to provide comprehensive testing support for battery testing.

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