4-Range Cylindrical Battery Testing System

4-Range | High-Response | High-Precision | High-Frequency

Flagship model among all the NEWARE battery products, with a simple and modular structure. 

Each cabinet has 8 test channels, with each channel operating completely independently from the other channels and supporting a maximum of 254 test steps. Test modes include: CC, CV, CCCV, CP, CR, Pulse.

Product Parameters

Equipment name 4-Range Cylindrical Battery Testing System
Index items Index parameters
Resolution AD:16bit
Resolution DA:16bit
Voltage CV output range 25mA-5V
Voltage Min discharge voltage -5V
Voltage Accuracy ±0.05% F.S.
Voltage Stability ±0.05% F.S.
Current Output range/channel 5V6A: 0.5mA ~ 0.1A; 0.1A ~ 3A; 3A ~ 6A
Current Output range/channel 5V12A: 5mA ~ 1A; 1A ~ 6A; 6A ~ 12A
Current Accuracy ±0.05% F.S.
Current CV cut-off current 5V6A: 0.2mA; 6mA; 12mA
Current CV cut-off current 5V12A: 2mA; 12mA; 24mA
Current Stability ±0.05% F.S.
Power Output power/channel 5V6A: 30W
Power Output power/channel 5V12A: 60W
Power Stability ±0.1% F.S.
Time Current response time <1ms(10% F.S.-90% F.S.)
Time Working step time ≤(365*24)h/step Time format-00:00:00.000(h,m,s,ms)
Data Record Data record conditions Min data record interval:100ms
Data Record Data record conditions Min voltage change:10mV
Data Record Frequency 10Hz
Charge Charge modes CC, CV, CCCV, CP
Charge Cut-off condition Voltage, Current, Time, Capacity, Energy, -△V
Discharge Discharge modes CC, CV, CCCV, CP, CR
Discharge Cut-off condition Voltage, Current, Time, Capacity, Energy
Pulse Charge CC,CP
Pulse Discharge CC,CP
Pulse Min pulse width 500ms
Pulse Pulse counts Up to 32
Pulse Chg and Dschg switch Supported
Pulse Cut-off condition Voltage,Time


Keep improving and lead the market.

Accuracy 0.02% F.S.
Accuracy 0.02% F.S.
Rise Time ≤ 1ms
Rise Time ≤ 1ms
Min. Pulse Width <500ms
Min. Pulse Width <500ms
Recording Frequency 10Hz/100Hz
Recording Frequency 10Hz/100Hz

Square air outlet (single)

The 5V6A model with delicate industrial design, adopts single square fan for dissipating heat. 

Square air outlet (single)

Air intake on the right or left side

Practical and feasible inventive heat-radiating system, which can increase heat-radiating efficiency and space utilizaion rate. 1/3 of the side occupation area, slender air inlet hole design, present users an aestheic modern industrial design.

Air intake on the right or left side

CT-4008Q-5V6A-S1 with 4-output current ranges

The multi-current channels' model of CT-4008Q-5V6A is designed for advanced battery research, can automatically switch the current range in accordance with user settings to maintain consistent accuracy, which have a current control range of 0.2mA~100mA,100mA~300mA,300mA~3A,3A~6A as standard. The accuracy for current and voltage on these channels is ±0.02% FS.

CT-4008Q-5V6A-S1 with 4-output current ranges

Difference between 5V6A and 5V12A

NEWARE 5V6A and 5V12A equipments are almost the same in their appearence, we can distinguish them via the air socket and ventilation design.

Difference between 5V6A and 5V12A

CT-4008Q-5V6A-164 4-Range Pouch Battery Testing System

CT-4008Q-5V6A-164 battery testing system combined one control unit, which can work with up to 10 sets of 5V6A equipments. 

What's more, 10 sets of 5V6A equipments can be placed on a  testing rack, so as to save much more floor space.

CT-4008Q-5V6A-164 4-Range Pouch Battery Testing System


dQ/dV differential capacity curve: the peak on the curve indicates that there is a voltage plateau on the charge and discharge curve, and different peaks represent different electrochemical reactions. 

Conditions switches

Battery test steps need to be estimated for multiple conditions according to different operations during test applications; condition switches meet requirements for multi-exit programming types. "And""or" logic operation, "≥", "≤", "=" comparison; time duration "t", can meet control requirements for special tests. Each step supports 5 condition switches; support multi-exits, go to any steps, achieve more flexible process control.

Segment-record conditions

Supports recording settings for voltage, current and time; 

3 segment recording conditions can be set for each step; 

each segment can be set: ∆T, ∆V and ∆I.

Control peripheral equipment by communication

The BTS server makes it possible to control the communication of the peripheral equipment (battery tester & automation) via the switch.

Super-capacitor Testing

The unit of Q is Coulomb, 1 Coulomb = 1A * 1s = 1As; 1Ah = 3600 As(Amp Second); Work voltage U = Charge upper limited voltage - Discharge bottom limited voltage; working voltage can be set and the EDLC coulomb could be calculated automatically by the software.

DBC configuration function

Support DBC files import/ edit/ export. Different battery pack protocols just needs modifying DBC protocol file's code without upgrade the program, so that it can realize communication. The system is flexible and practical.

Constant Current / Voltage Charge / Discharge Test

The constant current and constant voltage are integrated into a work step. After the constant current charged / discharged to the specified voltage, it is seamlessly switched to the constant voltage mode to supply the power of the battery pack. The switching process is smooth without spikes.

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