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NEWARE's contribution in battery research

NEWARE supports lithium-sulfur battery research.
A team of researchers led by Dr Mahdokht Shaibani, at Monash University in Australia, has found a new lithium-sulfur battery structure that is stable enough to boost smartphone battery life to five days.

(Pictured from: Monash University, via: Science Advances, the battery testing equipment that appears in the upper left corner is NEWARE BTS battery testing system equipments)

NEWARE supports research on sodium-ion batteries.
As one of the key tasks of large-scale energy storage technology in the clean energy strategic pilot project of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the pilot test of key technology research on sodium-ion batteries in the Yangtze River Delta Physics Research Center has been basically completed.

(Picture from: CCTV13 news channel interview screenshot, the battery testing equipment in the laboratory is NEWARE BTS battery testing system equipments)

NEWARE supports academic research.
NEWARE support academic research on battery materials and battery applications in colleges and universities, also co-found a doctoral forum to promote academic discussions and the development of innovative technologies.

(The picture shows the material doctoral student forum founded by NEWARE and Tongji University)

NEWARE works with universities to promote technological innovation.
NEWARE donates more than 1,000 sets of equipment and instruments every year for the use of relevant research majors in colleges and universities, this action builds a good school-enterprise relationship, and undertakes the social responsibility of assisting colleges and universities in cultivating new generation of scientific.

(The picture shows NEWARE donating equipments and establishing a joint laboratory with a university)

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