Prismatic Cell Automation

Automatic Production

NEWARE has conducted comprehensive solutions for automated battery production, with intelligent algorithms and full coverage across the entire production process, empowering the battery industry.

Technological Process

The solution of prismatic cell production line not only greatly reduces the number of workers in the production line, but also reduces the labor intensity of employees, while the automated information function ensures the consistency of module assembly and improves the efficiency and productivity of module assembly.

Process flow:

Tray Loading —— Aging Under High Temperature —— Tamping Pin Evulsion —— Formation Under High Temperature —— Tamping Pin Insertion —— Aging Under High Temperature —— Tamping Pin Evulsion —— Cell Output —— 2nd Electrolyte Injection & Capsule & Gas-tightness Test —— Cells Input —— Aging Under Ambient Temperature —— Grading Under Ambient Temperature —— OCV/IR Test —— Aging Under Ambient Temperature —— Cell into warehouse

the solution project

OCV/IR Testing and Sorting Equipment, it is an automatic sorting equipment for testing the internal resistance and voltage of cells by AC method. Cells are sorted according to the difference between the internal resistance and the actual value of the voltage and the set value of the tested cells. According to the different sorting results, the cells output in grades.

Cells input by RGV; Pallet located automatically.

Nails pull out from the injecting hole automatically by manipulator; Cells output by RGV.

Composition: cell tray positioning and glue nail pulling mechanism.

Cells input by RGV; Pallet located automatically;

Nails insert into the injecting hole automatically by manipulator;
Cells output by RGV.


◊ Compatible with different types of cells.

◊ Automatic calibration system.

◊ Bi-directional DCAC & DCAC Inverter.

◊ Independent heating and pressure system.

◊ Airing cooling system.

◊ Independent channel control.

◊ Additional smoke sensors.

◊ Automatic cell loading and unloading.

◊ Additional temperature protection.

◊ Data real-time backup.

◊ Charging-discharging and testing parts of the system are automatically calibrated, with the function of regular reminder maintenance.

◊ Core components have a senior stable and reliable supply chain. 

◊ Negative pressure formation system adopts an isolated cabinet, configured a reliable negative pressure control system and negative pressure components.

◊ Configured a separate human-computer interface, which can monitor each component in real time to ensure system security.

◊ Each location of formation and grading machine is isolated from each other and does not affect each other.

◊ Formation and grading have single cell over temperature alarm and automatic fire extinguishing design.

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