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Venue: Ningbo, China

2nd National Sodium Battery Industry Summit Forum in 2023

Update: May 10, 2023


The first year of industry, ride the wave! The "2023 (2nd) National Sodium Battery Industry Summit" will be held in Ningbo from May 10-12! This forum has invited more than 30 experts and scholars to answer your questions, will present the current situation and future of sodium battery from multiple angles, and will focus on the progress and difficulties in the research and development of sodium battery's cathode, anode, electrolyte and other material systems, focusing on the core technology and engineering issues in the process of battery preparation, bringing a panoramic view and reference answers for the market development of sodium battery.

The forum has invited more than 200 companies from the sodium power industry chain, including Shengquan Group, Enneghi, Juchuan High-Tech, Plustek, BYD, Yadi, German Volkswagen, Chaowei, Dansheng, Tianci, Yingnengji, Super Sodium, Shengyang Power, Shanghai Lanjun, Huayang Group, Sansun Group, Greenmay, Xiangying, Jiumu, Zhongxing Pai Energy, Zhongke Haisodium, BAK Battery, Jia Sodium Technology, Guoke Charcoal Beauty, Softtron Nano, Jinhui Energy, Huayu New Energy, Yanmar Donghua Group, etc. More than 200 sodium power industry chain enterprises and scientific research units attended the conference to help the healthy and stable development of sodium power industry.

NEWARE will attend this forum and hope to see you there,

More details: 

Guiding Unit: China Productivity Promotion Center Association New Materials Professional Committee

Organizer: DT New Materials

Forum Chairman: Xia Yongyao, Professor of Fudan University

Organizer: Ningbo DT New Materials Information Technology Co.

Cooperating Media: DT New Materials, Material Vision, Carbontech, Energy Scholar, Energy World, China New Energy Network, Fresh Power, Electrochemical Energy, Lithium New Energy, Polymer Science Frontier Activist

Participants: Jenny Yi , Elliot Huang ,


22C, YHC Tower, No.1 Sheung Yuet Road, Kowloon Bay, HongKong

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