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The 4th Asia-Pacific Conference on Energy Storage and Conversion

November 25,2023 Xiamen, China


Energy is the lifeblood of national economic development, and energy storage and conversion technologies are crucial for achieving the "dual carbon" goals, efficient resource utilization, and circular economy. To promote cooperation and exchange among researchers, entrepreneurs, and government departments in the energy field in the Asia-Pacific region, and to drive technological innovation and result commercialization, The 4th Asia-Pacific Conference on Energy Storage and Conversion (APEnergy) will be held in Xiamen, Fujian Province, China from November 25th to 28th, 2023. APEnergy conference is held every two years and has been successfully held in Brisbane, Australia in 2014, Taiwan in 2016, and Singapore in 2018.

The conference is expected to have a scale of 500-800 participants and will facilitate discussions, exchanges, and collaborations on the latest research findings and cutting-edge technologies in the field of electrochemical energy storage and conversion through plenary sessions, keynote speeches, invited talks, oral presentations, and poster sessions. It will be an important international conference with significant influence in the energy field, contributing to the development and sustainability of the energy sector.

The conference themes include:

· Electrochemical Fundamentals and Advanced Characterization Techniques

· Rechargeable battery

· Energy Electrocatalysis

· Hydrogen Energy and Green Energy

NEWARE Participants: Lena Huang ,


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