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Venue: Fujian, China

The 9th National Conference on Surface Analysis Science and Technology Application

Update: November 17, 2023


To actively promote the development of surface analysis science and its applied technology, facilitate the integration of surface analysis techniques with other disciplines, strengthen peer communication and collaboration, establish a platform for exchanging ideas in surface analysis, and enhance the research community in this field, the 9th National Conference on Surface Analysis Science and Technology Application will be organized. It is jointly hosted by the National Large-scale Scientific Instruments Center Share Platform - Beijing Electron Spectroscopy Center, the Surface Analysis Subcommittee of the Higher Education Analytical Testing Branch of the China Association for Instrumental Analysis, the Surface Analysis Subcommittee of the National Microbeam Analysis Standardization Technical Committee, and the Surface Analysis Professional Committee of the Beijing Society for Physical and Chemical Analysis Testing Technology. The conference will be organized by Nanyang Technological University of Singapore, Tianjin University, Fuzhou University, China Fujian Optoelectronic Information Science and Technology Innovation Laboratory, Key Laboratory of Advanced Ceramics and Processing Technology of the Ministry of Education at Tianjin University, Tianjin Key Laboratory of Advanced Carbon and Electrochemical Energy Storage, and Fuzhou Kunlun Business Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. Additionally, it will be co-organized by Tianjin University - Nanyang Technological University Fuzhou Joint College, Suzhou Industrial Park NUSRI, Nanchang University, Shanghai Normal University, and Shenzhen University. The conference is scheduled to take place from November 17th to 20th, 2023, at the Fujian Hall of West Lake Hotel in Fujian Province.

Conference theme: 

The conference consists of 10 parallel sessions, including Surface Analysis and Energy Catalysis, Surface Analysis and Two-Dimensional Materials, Surface Analysis and Organic Semiconductors, Surface Analysis and Energy Storage Technology, Surface Analysis and Catalysis, Surface Analysis and Photoelectrocatalysis, Surface Analysis and Synchrotron Radiation Techniques, as well as three small specialized conferences. The program includes 6 plenary lectures, 105 invited talks, and several oral and poster presentations. We encourage experts, scholars, and other participants in the field of surface science and related areas to actively submit their contributions and take this opportunity to engage in extensive discussions, exploring the collaborative development of surface analysis techniques with other disciplines, and further expanding the application areas of surface science and technology.

Participants: Lenka Luo ,


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