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2023 Batteries & Technology Applications Show in Birmingham, UK on June 28th

June 28, 2023 Birmingham, UK


Batteries UK Birmingham is an international exhibition for the electric vehicle industry, dedicated to improving battery performance, cost and safety for manufacturers, users and the entire supply chain of the battery industry. The show brings together the entire manufacturing supply chain of automotive OEMs, power companies, battery manufacturers, system manufacturers and integrators which will be held in Birmingham, UK on June 28th.

Four concurrently connected industrial battery and systems expos, The Vehicle Electrification Expo, The Advanced Materials Show and The Advanced Ceramics Show were held over two days at the NEC in Birmingham. A four-track, free, global expert conference covered the latest innovations and developments in these four exciting industries! Plus a concurrent battery-themed summit!

Conference Program

Day 1 

01 Leadership Discussion: How can Europe overcome the growing problem of electric vehicles and the battery supply chain?

02 Crossing Sustainability, Cost, Range and Charging Barriers to Promote Electric Vehicle Adoption

03 Battery Manufacturing Infrastructure: Gathering the Key Building Blocks

04 Conversation with EV Champion: with Andy Palmer

05 How to Improve, Accelerate and Expand Battery Manufacturing

06 Understanding and Reducing the Environmental Impact of Electric Vehicles from Raw Materials to End-of-Life

07 Potassium Ion Alternatives and Potassium Ion Alternatives: Accelerating Technology Readiness from Research to Deployment

08 How to leverage the dominance of racing technology in the drive to electrify

Day 2 

01 Balancing Conflicting Battery Pack Design Considerations

02 Delivering high enough energy density for heavy-duty and off-highway electrification

03 Translating battery recycling concepts into commercial reality

04 Addressing the Impact of Growing Electricity Demand on Power Electronics

05 What are the new frontiers of electric vehicle and battery safety innovation?

06 The Future of Innovative Electric Vehicle Powertrains

07 Electric Vehicle Charging: What needs to be done to make it convenient, safe, fast and economical?

08 Battery cost projections for the electric vehicle market over the next decade and their impact on total cost of ownership

Scope of Exhibits

01 Products and Components

Battery and energy storage, fuel cells and fuel cell systems, drive components, brake technology and components, heating and cooling systems, networked vehicle components, lithium batteries, power supplies, charging equipment, motors, power electronics, electric control equipment, magnetic materials, connectors and other EV accessories; battery management systems, power capacitors, flywheels, energy management systems; drive/engine technology; power station equipment; refueling equipment Storage and transportation equipment and technology; related new materials, new processes, new technologies, etc.

02 Power Battery

Battery power system, fuel cell power system, hybrid power system, power electronic system, integrated control system, etc.

03 Electric Vehicle Solutions

New mobility solutions; charging infrastructure; autonomous driving and intelligent vehicles (V2X); parking, charging and refueling systems, car sharing, fleet management, wireless charging, hydrogen energy infrastructure and storage, other smart concepts, etc.

04 Battery + Energy Storage

Electrode materials, electrolytes, separators, battery films; manufacturing equipment and accessories; automated production; power electronics equipment; housing, cooling, ventilation and other components; testing, measurement and inspection technology; rechargeable batteries; battery products for mobile and stationary applications; ultracapacitors; recycling technology and secondary use solutions; recycling technology; safety technology; energy storage solutions / applications; products and production Safety technologies, etc.

05 Fuel Cell & Hydrogen Energy

training and further training; mobile battery technology; consulting; fuel cells; fuel cell components; fuel cell mobile applications; fuel cell stationary applications; fuel cell special applications; fuel cell components; vehicle technology; research and development; information and communication technology; materials; production technology; test benches; hydrogen energy production; hydrogen energy storage; research and development; materials; production technology; special processes; test benches; Hydrogen energy development; hydrogen energy infrastructure; hydrogen energy storage; industrial BHKW and energy storage solutions, etc.

06 Future Power Solutions

Power solutions; automotive technology; information and communication technology; production technology; research and development; services, consulting, education, etc.

07 Smart Technology

Smart Grid, Smart Area, Smart City, Smart Home, Energy Management System, Navigation System, Route Planner, Off-grid systems, Web services, Power consumption, etc.

Time & Location

2023 Battery Cells & Systems Expo, Birmingham, UK

Exhibition Period: June 28th~June 29th, 2023

Venue: UK-Birmingham-The National Exhibition Centre B40 1NT-Birmingham International Convention and Exhibition Centre,.

Organizer: Event Partners.

Periodicity: Once a year, the number of exhibitors and brands exhibited will reach 400. 

Estimated number of visitors: 5000.

Participants: LuLu Shi ,


755 Ames Avenue, Milpitas, CA, USA, 95035

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